Algorithm Explained: Sum two big integers the hard way

Problem statement: Sum two big integers that are passed in as strings. Return the sum as a string. In other words, implement the following method: Constraint: Don’t use the built-in BigInteger class (note: this is the name in C# and may have a different name in other languages). Do it the hard way instead. If … Read more

C# – How to use SqlBulkCopy to do a Bulk Insert

If you find yourself doing SQL Inserts in a loop, you may want to consider doing a Bulk Insert instead. You can use SqlBulkCopy to do a Bulk Insert from C#. Make sure to prove you have a performance problem before switching your code to use Bulk Insert. Like any optimization, it adds complexity. In … Read more

.NET JsonSerializer is over 200x faster if you reuse JsonSerializerOptions

When you serialize an object using the built-in .NET JsonSerializer (System.Text.Json), reusing the JsonSerializerOptions object is 200x faster than serializing with a new options object each time. The JsonSerializerOptions object must have some kind of internal caching mechanism that makes subsequent serializations on the same type significantly faster. Note: Creating the new JsonSerializerOptions object adds … Read more

C# – How to copy an object

In this article I’ll explain how to copy an object. First I’ll explain the difference between shallow and deep copying. Then I’ll show how to shallow copy and four different ways to deep copy – including manually copying and using serialization. Finally I’ll show a speed and feature comparison of each approach, and a decision … Read more