About Us

Yasmin and Mak at the Greenwich Royal Observatory
Greenwich, UK

Hi! We’re Maclain and Yasmin, software developers primarily focused on backend technologies such as C#, Java, Spring, and SQL.  We believe in unit testing and refactoring to create high-quality clean code.  We built this website to share what we’ve learned while working on projects solving real problems. We also offer mentoring and consulting services.

When we’re not coding we like to travel, hang out with our pups (Nina and Crispi), hike, read, watch movies, eat sushi, and try new restaurants.

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Our mission

We created this site with a simple mission: help devs solve real problems.

On every project or team, there is that one person that everyone goes to for help. You’re probably picturing your helpful teammate, or perhaps you’re that person. That’s us.

In every project we’ve been on, we’ve strived to help our teammates by answering questions, writing documentation, and sitting down and solving tough problems together. We enjoy helping our fellow devs, so we made this site so we could help devs all over the world.

We know software development is a tough job. Coders are always under pressure to get stuff done as quickly and correctly as possible. We know you want straight-to-the-point answers that correctly solve the problem. We know you want working code examples. That’s what we’ve tried to do here: give brief, correct answers with plenty of examples.

Mentoring and Consulting Services

We’d love to help you solve your coding problem. We offer mentoring and consulting services:

  • Consulting on a project or specific problem.
  • 1-on-1 mentoring.
  • Debugging / troubleshooting.
  • Code review.
  • Help with refactoring / redesign.

We’re open to long-term and short-term engagements.

Nothing beats sitting down (remotely) with an expert programmer and figuring out a problem together.

Contact us and let us know how we can help.

Feedback from devs

Based on feedback we’ve gotten over the years, we think our approach works. Here are just a few comments we’ve received:

  • “Thank you so much. I have been frustrated for 6 hours.” – Boris
  • “Thank you so much for the great example and great explanation. I’m using it for my project.” – David
  • “Once again Google sends me back to Makolyte for the simple “I forgot how to do this really simple thing”. You run a pretty good site for us .NET developers. Appreciate your content sir. Well done.” – Joel

We really appreciate the feedback we get from devs!

Our expertise and education

We are expert coders with over 20 years of combined experience in software development. We’ve worked at small companies (where we had to wear many hats), at big companies, and as solo freelancers. We’ve deployed countless production projects, dealt with plenty of bugs, and even had the opportunity to work on fun and challenging R&D projects!

Mak has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan (ranked #10 in the world for CS). Yasmin has a BBA in Information Systems from the University of Puerto Rico and completed a Java Developer bootcamp at Grand Circus in Detroit.