System.Data.SqlClient is missing in a .NET Core project

When you create a new project in .NET, and you try to use a class from ADO.NET, such as SqlConnection or SqlDataReader, you’ll get missing reference errors. For example, your code might look something like this, and it’ll have red-squiggly lines under SqlConnection: In the past, you’d simply add a reference to System.Data.SqlClient, like this: … Read more

C# – SQL Bulk Insert with SqlBulkCopy

When you need to insert multiple rows into the database, consider doing a Bulk Insert instead of inserting one row at a time. Bulk Insertions are up to 20x faster than executing SQL Insert repeatedly. The simplest way to do a SQL Bulk Insert is by using the built-in SqlBulkCopy (from System.Data.SqlClient) with a DataTable. … Read more

C# – How to handle nulls with SqlDataReader

SqlDataReader returns a DBNull object when a column is null. This isn’t the same as a C# null. You can check if the column is null by comparing it with DBNull.Value or by using SqlDataReader.IsDBNull(). Here’s an example showing these two ways of checking if a column is null: After checking if the column is … Read more