C# – Ignore case with string.Contains()

By default, string.Contains() does a case sensitive search for a substring (or character) in a string. You can make it do a case insensitive search instead by passing in StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase, like this: Note: StringComparison has three ‘ignore case’ options to choose from. Because this is doing a case insensitive search, it matched “earth” to “Earth” … Read more

C# – Access modifiers

Access modifiers are used to hide class members (methods/properties/fields) from other code. When you define a class/method/property/field, you put an access modifier on it. In C#, there are four main access modifiers: Access modifiers are enforced at compile time. When you try to use a class member that you can’t access, you get the CS0122 … Read more