CsvHelper – Header with name not found

When your CSV header names don’t match your property names exactly, CsvHelper will throw an exception. For example, if your header name is “title” and your property name is “Title”, it’ll throw an exception like: HeaderValidationException: Header with name ‘Title'[0] was not found. If you don’t want to (or can’t) change the names to match, … Read more

C# – Parsing a CSV file

In this article, I’ll show how to parse a CSV file manually and with a parser library (CsvHelper). Let’s say you have the following CSV file: To manually parse this, read the file line by line and split each line with a comma. This gives you a string array containing the fields that you can … Read more

C# – Parsing CSV data when a field has commas

When you have commas in your CSV fields, it creates a conflict with the field delimiting commas. In other words, you can’t tell which data belongs to which field. How you deal with this will depend on one question: is the field with the comma enclosed in quotes? Comma is enclosed in quotes Spreadsheet programs … Read more

C# – Parse a comma-separated string from app.config

I’ll show how to parse comma-separated integer values from app.config and load them into a HashSet for efficient lookups. First, take a look at the setting (retryStatusCodes) in app.config: To load and parse this setting from app.config, do the following: The following code shows how to do this: Note: You have to add a reference … Read more