How to set the Content-Type header in Postman

When you want to use Postman to send a request with content in the Body, you have to first select a content type option (none, form-data, etc…). When you select the type and add content, Postman automatically generates the Content-Type header. You can see the auto-generated Content-Type header in the Headers tab. The following table … Read more

How to send a request with Postman

Postman is a great tool for web development. You can send a request to any web API, look at the response details, and reuse the the request later (which saves lots of effort!). This is useful for testing your own web API, or for when you’re integrating with a third-party API and want to try … Read more

Postman – Save a response value into a variable

When sending a request with Postman, we can parse a value from the response and save it into a global variable or environment variable. This is useful when we need to use a value obtained from one request in other requests; for example, when we obtain an access token that needs to be included as … Read more