PowerShell – How to use Select-String to search files for a pattern

In this article, I’ll show how to use the Select-String PowerShell command to search files in a directory with a regex pattern. I’ll first explain the basic syntax, and then I’ll show a few common search scenarios. Pattern, path, and alias Select-String has two main parameters: Note: The command name is not case-sensitive. You can … Read more

PowerShell – Get a file’s MD5 checksum

To get a file’s MD5 checksum, you can use Get-FileHash. This has been available since PowerShell v4. Use it like this: This file’s MD5 checksum is AE34D271ACC9C242BC9EED2E0EA72093. If Get-FileHash isn’t available Get-FileHash was put in PowerShell v4. If you’re on an earlier version, you’ll get following error when you try to use this: Get-FileHash is … Read more