Use the latest System.Text.Json features in previous framework versions

System.Text.Json is being rapidly developed and they’re always adding new features that you might want (ex: JsonPropertyOrder in v6). The rapid release cycle makes it difficult to keep your established project on the latest framework version. In fact, trying to keep up would probably be detrimental for your project’s health. Fortunately, they made a really … Read more

System.Data.SqlClient is missing in a .NET Core project

When you create a new project in .NET Core, and you try to use a class from ADO.NET, such as SqlConnection, you’ll get missing reference errors. For example, your code might look something like this, and it’ll have red-squiggly lines under SqlConnection: In the past, you’d simply add a reference to System.Data.SqlClient, like this: To … Read more

EF Core – How to create a database and a table

In this article, I’ll show how to use EF Core to create a database with one table in it. At the end, I’ll show a standalone console app that inserts a record into this database. Note: I’ll be using SQL Server. I haven’t tried this with other database providers. Please leave a comment if you’re … Read more