Error: Host is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

Problem When you try to connect to MySQL remotely, you get the following error: Host <hostname or IP> is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server In MySQL, hosts are allowed (whitelisted) per user. So this error means the user you’re trying to connect with doesn’t have your remote host whitelisted. You’re likely trying … Read more

C# – Connect to a MySQL database

The simplest way to connect to a MySQL database in a .NET project is to use the MySql.Data package (from Oracle). It provides classes that implement the standard ADO.NET interfaces (such as IDbConnection). First, add the MySql.Data package to your project (this is using View > Other Windows > Package Manager Console): Now use the … Read more

How to install MySQL on Windows

We’re going to install MySQL Community Edition, which is the free edition of MySQL. It includes a database server (MySQL Server) and a GUI database client (MySQL Workbench), among other tools. Go to MySQL Community Downloads. Click on MySQL Installer for Windows. Download the web community installer. Run the installer you downloaded. On the Setup … Read more

How to sort data into groups then further sort within each group using SQL

I recently came across a complex sorting problem that required sorting the data into groups, then further sorting the data within each group. Requirement My requirement is to sort a list of orders for users in charge of approving orders. Here is a list of orders with their status and department: Here is a list … Read more