How to turn off IntelliCode completion suggestions in Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2022 has a feature called IntelliCode completions that suggests full line completions as you’re typing. It’s enabled by default. It shows a greyed out suggestion based on what it thinks you’re going to want. This is different from the regular IntelliSense modal popup that shows below the line you’re typing. Here’s what it looks like:

Visual Studio - IntelliCode completion suggestion (greyed out full line of code it you thinks you want)

If you find this distracting, you can easily disable it. Click on the little purple IntelliCode completions button at the bottom of the editor, then click the Show completions for lines of code option to disable it.

Visual Studio 2022 - disable IntelliCode full line completions

Note: You can disable it through the Options window too, but this is easier.

You can re-enable it the same way.

The button is lazy loaded, so if you don’t see it, start typing and wait for it to load in.

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