C# – How to read problem details JSON with HttpClient

Problem details (RFC7807) is a standardized error response format that has a Content-Type of application/problem+json, an error response code (i.e. 400 – Bad Request), and has a response body that looks like this: This can be extended to include any number of properties. The example shown above comes from the default way ASP.NET Core returns … Read more

System.Text.Json – Deserialize properties that aren’t part of the class

Use the JsonExtensionData attribute to simplify accepting additional properties in JSON that aren’t part of the class you’re deserializing to. To use this attribute, add a compatible* property to the class and apply the JsonExtensionData attribute: *Compatible property types you can use are Dictionary<string, object>, Dictionary<string, JsonElement> and JsonObject. Any property in the JSON that’s … Read more