Windows Authentication is missing in IIS

Problem When you go to configure authentication in IIS Manager, you notice that Windows Authentication is missing from the list of available authentication methods. You have to enable IIS Windows Authentication using the Windows Features tool (or in Server Roles if you’re using Windows Server). Solution The precise instructions for enabling IIS Windows Authentication vary … Read more

Class Diagrams missing in Visual Studio

Problem The Class Diagram item is missing in Visual Studio. Note: I ran into problem starting in VS2019. Solution For some reason this is not installed by default in Visual Studio, so we simply need to install it. 1. In Visual Studio click Tools > Get Tools and Features… 2. Close Visual Studio. 3. In … Read more

Refactoring the Large Class code smell

The Large Class code smells refers to a class that has too many responsibilities. It’s doing too much. Ideally a class should only have one responsibility (Single Responsibility Principle). Code Smell: Large Class Definition: A class has too many responsibilities. Solution: Identify all of the distinct responsibilities of the Large Class. For each responsibility, extract … Read more

How to refactor code that has no tests using the Golden Master technique

The number one rule when refactoring is to always have tests in place before you start refactoring. Without tests, refactoring becomes a risky endeavor. Code that doesn’t have tests is often not designed to be testable. In order to make the code testable, you have to refactor it. See how this seems like an impossible … Read more

Visual Studio 2019 – All references say referenced component could not be found

Problem When I open a C# project in Visual Studio 2019, none of the references are loading. In the error list it says “The referenced component could not be found” for several references. Here’s a snippet showing just a few of the reference errors: The referenced component ‘System’ could not be found.The referenced component ‘Microsoft.CSharp’ … Read more

Create a queue in Amazon SQS

In this article we’re going to create a queue in Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) using an AWS Stack template. Amazon SQS and Spring Series This article is part of a series: What is a message queue Message queues allow different parts of a system to communicate and process operations asynchronously. A producer sends a … Read more

C# – Using regex capturing groups to extract data

In regex, capturing groups give you a way to save text and refer to it later. Capturing groups can be named, and referred to by their name. When they aren’t named, you refer to them by their index number. In this article, I’ll show how to use named capturing groups by solving the problem of … Read more

Solving whiteboard problems to prepare for coding interviews

Companies like to ask you to solve whiteboard problems during coding interviews. If it’s an in-person interview, they’ll ask you to solve the problem on a physical whiteboard. If it’s a remote interview, they’ll either have you solve the problem on a website like HackerRank, or they’ll ask you the question in a “digital whiteboard” … Read more

Auto-increment build numbers in Visual Studio

You need to auto-increment your build numbers in order to easily tell which code you’re working with. In this article I’ll explain how to auto-increment your build numbers in Visual Studio. I’ll be using text templating to generate the Assembly Version. 1 – Choose a versioning scheme I’m going to be using the version scheme: … Read more

OpenQA.Selenium.DriverServiceNotFoundException: The chromedriver.exe file does not exist in the current directory

Problem I’m trying to use Selenium with the ChromeDriver and I’m running into the following exception: Unhandled Exception: OpenQA.Selenium.DriverServiceNotFoundException: The chromedriver.exe file does not exist in the current directory or in a directory on the PATH environment variable. The driver can be downloaded at Solution The simplest solution is to install the Selenium.Chrome.WebDriver package: … Read more

Visually diff two branches using WinMerge

Sometimes you need to diff two branches and your source control system isn’t the right tool for the job. One option is to use WinMerge to diff the branch folders and then look at the diffs visually in the UI. I’ll show how to do that. 1 – Example – Old Branch and New Branch … Read more

Event-driven .NET: How to use query notifications in SQL Server to monitor database changes

How do you check for new records in a database and react to the new data? You really only have two options: Poll for changes every X seconds Use query notifications to be notified when new data is inserted In this article I’ll show you how to configure query notifications so that your application receives … Read more