WinForms – ComboBox with enum description

By default, when you load enum values into a ComboBox, it’ll show the enum names. If you want to show the enum descriptions (from the [Description] attribute) instead, and still be able to get the selected enum value, you can do the following:

  • Generate a list of objects containing the enum value/description pairs.
  • Set ComboBox.DataSource to this list.
  • Set ComboBox.DisplayMember to the description, and ComboBox.ValueMember to the enum value.
  • Optionally bind an object’s enum property to ComboBox.SelectedValue (not SelectedItem).

I’ll show the code for this below. First, let’s say you have the following enum with descriptions:

using System.ComponentModel; public enum ProgrammingLanguage { [Description("C#")] CSharp, [Description("C++")] CPlusPlus }
Code language: C# (cs)

The following code generates anonymous objects with the enum value and description (read this with reflection), uses it as the data source, and sets DisplayMember and ValueMember to the anonymous type property names:

//Can get the enum type 1) Hardcoded 2) From generic T parameter 3) From reflected property type Type enumType = typeof(ProgrammingLanguage); var enumValuesAndDescriptions = new ArrayList(); foreach (var e in Enum.GetValues(enumType)) { enumValuesAndDescriptions.Add(new { EnumValue = e, EnumDescription = (e.GetType().GetMember(e.ToString()).FirstOrDefault() .GetCustomAttributes(typeof(DescriptionAttribute), inherit: false).FirstOrDefault() as DescriptionAttribute)?.Description ?? e.ToString() //defaults to enum name if no description }); } cbProgrammingLanguages.DataSource = enumValuesAndDescriptions; //Set DisplayMember and ValueMember to the appropriate properties (from the anonymous objects above) cbProgrammingLanguages.DisplayMember = "EnumDescription"; cbProgrammingLanguages.ValueMember = "EnumValue";
Code language: C# (cs)

Note: This approach with ArrayList works no matter how you’re getting the enum type (hardcoded, from a generic type parameter, or from a reflected property type). This is because you don’t need to cast the Array object returned by Enum.GetValues(). Credit to this site for showing a great example that avoids casting.

I suggest using very explicit property names – hence EnumDescription and EnumValue.

This shows the enum descriptions in the ComboBox:

WinForms - ComboBox showing enum descriptions (C# and C++)

To get the enum value (i.e. ProgrammingLanguage.CSharp) that the user selected, you can either:

  • Check ComboBox.SelectedValue in the code.
  • Bind an object’s enum property to ComboBox.SelectedValue (NOT SelectedItem!), like this:
var coder = new Coder() { Name = "Bob", Language = ProgrammingLanguage.CSharp }; cbProgrammingLanguages.DataBindings.Add(nameof(ComboBox.SelectedValue), coder, nameof(Coder.Language));
Code language: C# (cs)

Notice that this uses SelectedValue, not SelectedItem.

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