C# – How to unit test console output

There’s two ways to unit test code that writes to the console (Console.WriteLine() / Console.Write()): In this article, I’ll show how to do both options. Option 1 – Capture the output with Console.SetOut() Let’s say you want to unit test the following code that outputs to the console with Console.WriteLine(): You can unit test this … Read more

Logging to the database with ASP.NET Core

I was reading about logging in ASP.NET when I came across this statement about logging to the database: When logging to SQL Server, don’t do so directly. Instead, add log messages to an in-memory queue and have a background worker dequeue and insert data to SQL Server. Paraphrased from Microsoft – No asynchronous logger methods … Read more

C# – Parsing commands and arguments in a console app

In a console app there are two ways to get commands: After getting a command, you have to parse it to figure out what code to execute. Typically commands have the following format: commandName -argumentName argumentValue. For example, take a look at this familiar git command: This is passing the command line arguments into the … Read more

C# – Unit test an event handler

An event handler is a method that is registered to listen to an event. When the event is invoked, the event handler method is called. You may be tempted to directly call the event handler to unit test it. It’s better to actually raise the event though, and then check the side effects of the … Read more