C# – User secrets aren’t being loaded when you’re using GenerateAssemblyInfo=false

Problem You’ve configured user secrets properly, but the framework will not swap in the secret value at runtime. It appears to not be loading secrets.json at all. Check if you’re using GenerateAssemblyInfo=false in your .csproj file. When you add a user secrets file, it generates a user secrets guid and puts it in your .csproj … Read more

C# – Duplicate ‘AssemblyVersion’ attribute

Problem You’re trying to add the AssemblyVersion attribute to your project, like this: And you get the following compiler errors: Error CS0579 Duplicate ‘AssemblyVersion’ attribute Error CS0579 Duplicate ‘AssemblyFileVersion’ attribute But you don’t see these attributes anywhere else in your project. Solution The problem is Visual Studio auto-generates the assembly info by default. To turn … Read more