Event-driven .NET: How to add an event to a class

In the previous article we saw how events work. In this article I’ll show how to add an event to a class. In order to illustrate this I’ve created a simple chat app that uses an in-memory message queue. Each chat window is subscribed to the message queue’s OnMessageReceived event, and updates their UI upon receiving a message.

1 – Add a delegate type, add an event to a class, and fire the event

  1. Declare the delegate type the delegate type is declared on its own – it’s not part of a class.
  2. Add the event – use the delegate type you just created
  3. Fire the event – The event will be null if there are no subscribers, so you always need to do a null check.
public delegate void MessageReceivedEventHandler(Message message); //1. declare the delegate type for the event public class MessageQueue { public event MessageReceivedEventHandler OnMessageReceived; //2. Add the event with the delegate type you declared public void Enqueue(Message message) { OnMessageReceived?.Invoke(message); //3. fire the event } }
Code language: C# (cs)

2 – Subscribe to the event

There are two parts to subscribing to an event:

  • Subscribe using the syntax: event += method with the same signature as the delegate
  • Unsubscribe using the syntax: event -= method with the same signature as the delegate
public partial class frmChat : Form { private readonly MessageQueue MessageQueue; private readonly Guid UserId; public frmChat(MessageQueue messageQueue) { InitializeComponent(); UserId = Guid.NewGuid(); this.MessageQueue = messageQueue; //1. subscribe this.MessageQueue.OnMessageReceived += MessageQueue_OnMessageReceived; } private void MessageQueue_OnMessageReceived(Message message) { txtChatWindow.AppendText($"{message.Time}\t{message.UserName}\t{message.Msg}\n"); } private void btnSubmit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { MessageQueue.Enqueue(new Message(UserId, txtMessage.Text, txtName.Text)); } private void frmChat_FormClosing(object sender, FormClosingEventArgs e) { //2. unsubscribe MessageQueue.OnMessageReceived -= MessageQueue_OnMessageReceived; } }
Code language: C# (cs)

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