C# – How to programmatically update the User Secrets file

User Secrets are stored in secrets.json. This file is specific to your application. Once you know the path of secrets.json, you can load and update it. Here’s an example of how to update secrets.json programmatically: Note: 1) For brevity, this isn’t showing all using statements. 2) This is using Newtonsoft because it’s better than System.Text.Json … Read more

C# – User secrets aren’t being loaded when you’re using GenerateAssemblyInfo=false

Problem You’ve configured user secrets properly, but the framework will not swap in the secret value at runtime. It appears to not be loading secrets.json at all. Check if you’re using GenerateAssemblyInfo=false in your .csproj file. When you add a user secrets file, it generates a user secrets guid and puts it in your .csproj … Read more