Multithreaded quicksort in C#

One day I decided to challenge myself by trying to implement multithreaded quicksort. I wanted to see how it would compare to the built-in sort function – Array.Sort(). I came up with two algorithms that were 2-4x faster than Array.Sort(): Top-down: divide-fork-sort-merge Bottom-up: quicksort with fork-on-recursion After continuing to tinker, in attempts to further optimize, … Read more

How to set a timeout for TcpClient.ConnectAsync()

TcpClient has no direct way to set the connection timeout. It doesn’t have any parameters that allow you to control it, and SendTimeout / ReceiveTimeout don’t apply to the initial connection. The way I control the connection timeout is by awaiting a Task.WhenAny() with TcpClient.ConnectAsync() and Task.Delay(). Task.WhenAny() returns when any of the tasks complete. … Read more

C# – Attribute constructor parameter is not a valid attribute parameter type

Problem I have created a custom attribute class and I am trying to pass in a value. It looks like this: I’m getting the following error message: Attribute constructor parameter has type Color which is not a valid attribute parameter type I have also gotten this error message, which has the same underlying cause: An … Read more

ReportViewer – How to format phone numbers

I am building a ReportViewer report and need to format phone numbers. For example, I want “5551234” to be formatted as “555-1234.” Specify the phone number format Use the following expression: Now when I run the report it looks like this: Other formatting examples In my example above I was using a very simple format. … Read more