SQL Server – Copy data from one table to another

To copy data from one table to an existing table, use INSERT INTO SELECT and specify the column list: If the columns are the exact same in the two tables (and there are no identity columns), you don’t need to specify the column list: When the table doesn’t exist, use SELECT INTO, specifying which columns … Read more

EF Core – How to add indexes

In this article, I’ll show how to add indexes using EF Core. If you’re not sure about why you would need indexes, take a look at this article explaining how indexes greatly improve query performance. Add an index with a single column The simplest way to add an index is to by adding the [Index] … Read more

SQL Server – Bad SELECT query performance due to missing indexes

When you have a slow SELECT query, the most likely cause of the problem is that you’re missing an index. When your table has lots of data, having the right indexes will make a difference in the performance. Without indexes, SQL Server has to scan through your entire table to find the rows that match … Read more