C# – Use SemaphoreSlim for throttling threads

When you have multiple threads trying to do work at the same time, and you want to throttle how many of them are actually executing, you can use SemaphoreSlim. Example – a busy grocery store Grocery stores have a limited number of checkout lanes open. Let’s say the grocery store has two lanes open, and … Read more C# – Use SemaphoreSlim for throttling threads

Multithreaded quicksort in C#

One day I decided to challenge myself by trying to implement multithreaded quicksort. I wanted to see how it would compare to the built-in sort function – Array.Sort(). I came up with two algorithms that were 2-4x faster than Array.Sort(): Top-down: divide-fork-sort-merge Bottom-up: quicksort with fork-on-recursion After continuing to tinker, in attempts to further optimize, … Read more Multithreaded quicksort in C#

How to update UI from another thread

I often need to be able to run multiple threads and update the UI based on the results. For example, I may need to execute GET requests to 10 different endpoints concurrently, and then report their results in a datagrid as they come back. The problem is you can’t just update the UI from any … Read more How to update UI from another thread