ASP.NET – Use Swagger to generate API documentation

The simplest way to add API documentation is to use Swagger. You can configure it to generate an API documentation page and even send requests to your endpoints. Here’s what it looks like: In this article I’ll show how to install and configure Swagger with the following features (shown in the image above): Generates an … Read more

ASP.NET – Async SSE endpoint

Server-Sent Events (SSE) allow a client to subscribe to messages on a server. The server pushes new messages to the client as they happen. This is an alternative to the client polling the server for new messages. In this article I’ll show how to implement the messaging system shown in the diagram below. This uses … Read more

Windows Authentication is missing in IIS

Problem In IIS Manager, Windows Authentication is missing from the list of available authentication methods. Solution 1. Open Turn Windows features on or off. 2. Select the Windows Authentication feature and click OK. 3. Restart your computer. Once it reboots, you’ll see the Windows Authentication option in IIS.